Enabling Student's Devices in the Classroom


We are helping Bring Schools into the 21st Century

ClassroomSync enables students to utilize a suite of tools provided on the platform and creates a secure link between the teacher's computer and the students devices and the teachers computer that gives the teacher real-time updates on the students whereabouts inside of the platform.

What is ClassroomSync?

How ClassroomSync Works

ClassroomSync provides a app that students are able to access on their personal devices. While using the provided sub-apps, teachers will be updated on which tools their students are using in a non-intrusive monitoring technique

Our Value

One Stop Shop

ClassroomSync contains every tool that a student would need from their Art Appreciation to Calculus II class.

Ease of Use

From the first idea of ClassroomSync, ease of use and creating a streamlined user-interface was one of the highest priorities. After all, teachers should be focused on teaching!

Cheating Deterrent 

Student's using ClassroomSync update the teacher on whether or not they are in the app. Because of this, we have found that students use social media and other distractions much less frequently