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ClassroomSync enables students to utilize a suite of tools provided on the platform and creates a secure link between our platform on the students devices and the teachers computer that gives the teacher real-time updates on the students whereabouts inside of the platform.

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The Problem


Many schools outright ban the use of student’s personal devices that they bring with them everyday to school and other schools will allow their students to run rampant with their devices without any control


Enable Your Student’s To Use Their Personal Devices

Why should we use ClassroomSync

  • ClassroomSync enables schools to allow their students to use their personal devices in their classes

  • Prevention of distractions

  • Reduction of physical technology expenditures


Some Facts

  • The cheapest Apple iPad is $299 per unit

  • Cheapest Mac Book is $1,249 per unit

  • Cheap Chromebooks are $200 per unit


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