Non Intrusive Monitoring Technique

This technique enables teachers to quickly obtain all of the information that is needed to ensure that their students are on task.

We specifically developed this method of monitoring to allow for ease of use of the software to take as little time from the teachers as possible, as well as highly prioritizing student security and privacy. 

The Non-Intrusive Monitoring Technique (as shown left) simply shows a status button, their name, and which ClassroomSync sub-app they are in

The Status Button

The status button allows teachers to see when their students are currently on ClassroomSync on their devices. When the button is green, they are currently active. However, when their status button is red, the students is not on any of the ClassroomSync sub-apps or main app. Our overarching theory is that we provide all the tools necessary for students, so there should be no reason to leave.  

Sub-App Status

As soon as students enter the ClassroomSync app and connect with their teachers digital classroom we relay where they are inside of the platform to the teachers computer.