Four Function Calculator

The Four Function Calculator sub-app enables students to use a simple Calculator that is extremely reminiscent of the physical version. This is a perfect use for in-class quizzes or tests to remove the physical equivalent. 


Graphing Calculator

The Graphing Calculator brings a much more versatile calculator perfect for math classes that need graphing capabilities as well as trig functions. 

The Conversion Calculator is a simple but effective unit conversion tool that can convert many different types of units and show the steps necssary. 

Conversion Calculator


The Chemistry Calculator is a versatile tool specifically designed to create and solve for chemistry equations.

Chemistry Calculator



The flashcards sub-app allows for students to create flashcard sets to study from. As well as letting teachers share other flashcards sets to their students to study for tests



ClassroomSync's clicker sub-app allows for students to turn their devices into clickers and answer in-class questions. This sub-app could be used for teaching or for taking tests.



ClassroomSync's Textbook tool allows for students to access a variety of partnered textbook publishing sources that can be incorporated into classrooms


Test Taker 

The Test Taker tool enables teachers to create and administer timed or non-timed tests or quizzes to a particular class and receive the results. 


ClassroomSync assignment tool lets students work on and complete classroom assignments to show understanding of learning goals. 



For assignments submitted through ClassroomSync, teachers can enable Peer Grade that randomly assigns students to grade other students assignments. 

Peer Grade


ClassroomSync's Note Taker is a tool that students can use to take notes in class

Note Taker